How to Help your Children Discover their Power Voice

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We were masterfully designed, and therefore, each of us has a warning voice that comes from within, which is meant to help protect us from danger, destruction, and discomfort. We call it fear… and we all feel it, including our kids.

How to help your children discover their power voice

As a mom, it can be tough to find the balance between encouraging your kids to be bold, to have courage, and to go for their dreams, and to keep them safe and sound from all the possible threats that are so real in our world today.

  • We are also concerned for our kids.
  • We have our own fears to deal with.
  • We cannot predict any outcomes.

This can be unnerving… and it is not easy; however, it is possible and, very rewarding.

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Extremely Helpful Tips To Make The Most Out Of A Live Conference

I recently got back from a 3-day live conference and I am still full from all the information and inspiration I received. I have been active implementing so many ideas and following up with some of the amazing people I met.  Conferences are wonderful, and you have the power to make each event a productive experience for yourself and your business, to make the most out of a live conference!

Since I attend and speak at conferences all the time (sometimes every month), I’ve put together some ideas that will help you get set up for success so you can maximize your learning experience, make lasting connections, and have a joyful time! Since we all have different goals and perspectives, go through the list, mark what resonates with you, and write down any ideas of your own that may come up.

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One Of The Hardest Talks To Have With Your Daughter

It’s early in the morning and my daughters wake up motivated to “get to work.” This is not a rare occurence since I have very self-motivated daughters who have high aspirations to transform the world they live in. I admire that. I respect that. I love that. But not this time.

I felt upset. I felt afraid. I felt like crying. And I did. And though I’ve had thousands of talks with my daughters, maybe hundreds of thousands, I dropped everything I was doing, postponed everything we planned to do, and engaged in what I believe to be one of the hardest talks I’ve had with them, and one of the most important talks any mom can have with her daughter. And it’s not “the birds and the bees” because I call things by their name and I’m as direct as I’m short.

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How To Choose The Best Speech Topics For You

When I decided to become a public speaker, there were so many topics I wanted to speak about. I guess I am very opinionated! But even though I am so intensely passionate about many things, selecting my speech topics was an overwhelming experience, and it took some time to get them right.

If you’ve been considering becoming a public speaker, or you have been a speaker for a while but haven’t yet settled, because of the infinite amount of topics wandering in your brain, my purpose is to ease the process for you, because a remarkable speech starts with a remarkable topic.

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Want Success? This Is The First Step

I’ve been studying the science of success for over a decade now, and in my research and my experience as a Success Mentor For Moms that the most common mistake people make when setting goals, New Year’s resolutions, or daily to-do lists, is this: not yet knowing what success means to you.

Want success? This is the first step you must take!

And I’ve been there. At first, I thought success was defined by my Grade Point Average or the number of figures on my paycheck. Then I thought my success was defined by how happy my spouse was or how perfectly together I seemed to have it as a mom. Although these are both related to my definition of success, they were not accurate, and the thing with success is that you cannot find it, you cannot create it, until you define it.

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This Is How You Get To Sesame Street

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I grew up in the Dominican Republic and, though we were really poor, my dad bought us a 15″ screen TV, and I was the most excited 4 year old! I used to “blog” about my day by adding the latest news and happenings of my home below my homework for my teacher to see, so she was the first to find out. I got in trouble a lot for doing this!

It was fascinating to see the black and white images, the sounds, and the stories, and it was a very happy time I will always cherish because my dad would sit with me and we would bond and laugh together.

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How To Cultivate Empathy In Your Life Now

Many recent events have caused me to think a bit more deeply about empathy, and more specifically, on how, though the decline in empathy is increasingly concerning, we possess the ability to cultivate empathy and evolve as human beings.

Empathy is the ability to understand someone else’s feelings, which is not a simple immediate choice, but a consistent set of choices and deliberate effort to educate ourselves and look closer and beyond. In fact, it takes looking in the mirror.

How to cultivate empathy in your life now

One of the most startling and humbling experiences of my life has been to recognize that everyone is my mirror. This is even truer, and at times, more painful when it comes to our kids.  The belief that everyone is your mirror may not seem like the most attractive belief; however, it is vital for all of your relationships, and a requirement for you to grow, as you see yourself as you truly are.

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